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Preservation District Expansion

On December 23, 2015, the Common Council of the City of Buffalo unanimously agreed that all of Linwood Avenue should be encompassed by the designation, 'historic'. The extension of this designation serves to unite the street and afford economic opportunity to those now newly included in the district.

The following is from the proceedings of that meeting (the whole of it can be found on the City of Buffalo website under Common Council Proceedings, meeting 14-1223, pages 260 & 270):

"That after the public hearing held before the Committee on Legislation, the Common Council hereby expands the Linwood Historic District, which includes the properties from North Street at the south to West Ferry at the north, to include all of Linwood Avenue to West Delavan at the north. Specifically, it will include the properties at 482 and 472 Linwood at the south (West Ferry) to 728 an d729 Linwood at the north (West Delavan) and all properties on Linwood Terrace 15-24 Linwood Terrace and the property at 880 Lafayette Avenue, pursuant to Chapter 337, Article III of the City of Buffalo Charter;....."

It is notable that this development was only possible with the considerable and sustained work of many of you who considered and questioned the proposal, who worked diligently to gather signatures of support and attend multiple meetings, and who lent your voices to inform neighbors and elected officials of our shared desire to make this happen.

Support was also lent by the NYS Offices of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation, T.M. Montante Development, LLC, Sinatra & Company and Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Very special thanks go to Barb Fisher and Joe O'Gorman who completed the application and got this whole thing off to its start. The commitment to our project exhibited by Tim Tielman and Paul McDonnell from the Buffalo Preservation Board (which also supported this effort unanimously), who spoke in support of this effort at Council meetings and who took personal time to meet one-on-one with neighbors was remarkable and deeply appreciated. Thanks to Christina Lincoln of Preservation Buffalo-Niagara and Mike Puma and Derek King from Preservation Studios who offered their expertise at a community meeting arranged by Councilman Pridgen. And finally, thanks to Councilman Pridgen who balanced the concerns of neighbors pro and con; your support and eloquent introduction of the proposal prior to Council action spoke volumes about community building and the possibilities that derive from its source, our neighbors.

So thank you to all who moved this project forward!

LPD&F Executive Committee


Click here to download the updated map.